The items and equipment when cycling changes depending on the season and distance, but ideal equipment is as light and compact as possible. As experience and knowledge increase, and the range of how to enjoy expands, the equipments will change as well, and more comfortable cycling will be waiting. Here, we will introduce the basic equipments & accessories.



Wearing a helmet is the most basic thing. It is best to choose the one that fits your head shape to best protect you. It is recommended to try on the helmet before purchasing.


Not only cutting ultraviolet rays, it also prevents possible damage to the eyes caused by dust, sand, insects, and rain drops. It is an indispensable item to grasp the road condition especially when there is dazzling sunlight reflection.


Gloves help prevent injury when slipping, shock and falling occur. Gloves to choose dipend on the purpose, but it is said that there is a big difference with wearing them or not.


A windbreaker is what you may want to prepare for countermeasures against the cold, as sweat cools once on the down road. Choose a small foldable pocket size one to help pack as light as possible.

Water bottle

When cycling, staying hydrated is essential because you sweat more than imagined. We recommend to carry the bottle attached to a bottle cage.

Supplement meal

You may want to bring supplements besides drinks. When cycling over long distances, calorie expenditure is intense, so it is preferable to ingest high calories in a small amount.


Wire lock

A wire lock is necessary to protect your important bikes from theft. If possible wind a long wire about 2 meters around the bikes body, when leaving the bicycle for a long time. It’s better to combine with multiple keys.

Front light

The front light is mandatory to be attached to every bicycle by the Road Traffic Law. This is essential in any case.

Tail light

Like the front light, the tail light is required to be installed. Regardless of daytime or nighttime, it emphasizes your presence towards others, so it is GOOD to choose a prominent one.


Tire lever

It makes it easier to remove the tire from the wheel when puncturing or exchanging tires. Inexpensive and compact. Plastic ones that do not scratch tires or wheels are popular.

Tire tube

Tire tube is an important preparation for the emergency puncture. When purchasing, check the size and the type of the mouth (valve) to put air in.

Portable pump

This portable pump is necessary after replacing the tube when repairing the puncture. It often corresponds to French and American style, but make sure before you purchase.