It is often thought that everyone can ride a bicycle, but comfort and safety differs considerably by taking the correct way of riding and posture. Here is the introduction of the tips of basic riding regardless of distance. Let’s master the correct way to enjoy cycling life with peace of mind.


When riding a bicycle, take the brake off and get in a relaxed posture. By placing the base of the thumb of the foot on the center of the pedal, you can pedal efficiently. Drive with a reasonable gear for your legs so you can prevent fatigue. Be sure to use both front and rear brakes when applying a brake.


On the uphill, drop the gear moderately before climbing and keep running forward with a tilted posture. Also, do not lower the heel when pedaling. As the heel flutters, the efficiency gets worse, and the posture becomes unstable. While running uphill the rotation of the pedal is falling so you can not make a smooth gear change. So when you change the gear, do it at a time when the rotation increases.


On the downhill, it is a hard-and-fast rule to put on brakes before the curve. Sudden operation of both front and rear brake is directly connected to a fall, so pay attention to the speed carefully and control yourself. In addition, by sitting at the back of the saddle and keeping the center of gravity back, the stability increases and makes it easier to respond to a sudden operation.


Bicycles used off-road are mainly mountain bikes. In addition to looking at the road surface condition in advance, you need to stay at the basic posture with the upper body raised so that you can respond to the impact of the unevenness of the road surface. Because there is always shock off-road, the waist is likely to float.

When it rains

In the rain, wearing raingear makes the field of view narrow and it will be difficult to hear surrounding sounds. Also on wet road surfaces, the grip force of the tire and the road surface will weaken, and the braking effectiveness will also decrease. Run discreetly at a speed that can be stopped at any time. Also, let the surrounding vehicles and pedestrians be see your lights to inform them of your existence, turn on constant light instead of flashing light.