Nostalgic Apple Orchard Ride

Apple Ride; pedal through the peaceful apple field


This course title is associated with "apple", the synonym of Aomori. This is an easy course which beginners can enjoy. At the beginning, ride paralell Iwaki River with Mt. Iwaki in the background. On the last half, you pedal on the tree-lined road and can see the apple fields. Depending on the season, you will see the different stages of growth of the apples. You might want to stop and talk to people working in the field. Take a rest and taste the popular homemade apple pie and gelato when you stop by Michinoeki Namioka, get souvenir shoppings done, and then head to the goal: Namioka Station.

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Course Guide

  • | Distance | 25km
  • | Elevation | 71m
  • | Maximum difference in elevation | 65m
  • | Required Time | About 2hr.
  • | Course Type | One-way
  • | Start | Goshogawara Station
  • | Goal | Namioka Station
  • | Grade | ★★
  • A smooth road and fine view continues on the riverbed. Easy to pedal.

  • Having Mt. Iwaki in the back, you can see the peaceful apple fields on both sides only in Aomori.

  • At Michinoeki Namioka. Apples are sold at local prices.

  • Besides fresh, crispy apple pie, there are so many other food temptations!

  • Take a look at the apples; you will notice the difference of color and size of each.

  • From the observation tower at the top of the hill, you can see the panoramic extensive view.


Tachineputa Hall

21-1, Omachi,Goshogawara, Aomori,Japan 037-0063



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