Lakeside Camp Ride

Enjoy the peaceful "Lake Ogawara Ride" and the American Town.


Lake Ogawara is surrounded by Misawa City, Tohoku Town, and Rokkasho Village. The lake is called a "Treasure Lake" in the local area because of its plentiful catch of fish. Lake Ogawara is known for catching the highest amount of Icefish and Pond Smelt in all Japan. It is the third highest in Shijimi Clams. The lake is covered by an ice shield in the winter and is crowded as a Pond Smelt fishing spot. The whole circumference is approximately 60km. There is comparatively no traffic and the pieceful view continues.

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Course Guide

  • | Distance | 56km
  • | Elevation | 238m
  • | Maximum difference in elevation | 60m
  • | Required Time | About 4.5hr.
  • | Course Type | Round
  • | Start | Rest area Lake Ogawara
  • | Goal | Rest area Lake Ogawara
  • | Grade | ★★★
  • When you walk in the area where cars are not allowed, the beautiful view of the lake is waiting.

  • Hotoke Marsh is registered in the Ramsar Convention. The roads around the marshy areas are calm and straight. You can see the bucolic view too.

  • At the camping place in the woods, there are paved roads enabling us to jog easily.

  • At Lake Ogawara, you are allowed to swim in certain areas in the summer.

  • Cycling along Japanese yam farms which is one of the most prominent in Japan.

  • Michinoeki Misawa is popular by local cyclists because of the well arranged lawn and the great condition of the facility.


Lake Ogawara Center Lake Pia

116-2858,Misawa Sabishirotai,Misawa, Aomori,Japan 033-0022


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