Allured by Mountain Ride

The hill climb crossing over the quiet forest where sunbeam shines through


Starting from Goshogawara station, you pass the city area and enter a peaceful forest where sunlight filters through the trees. You will only hear the sound of leaves whispering and your own breath. This course is commonly known as a training course for local cyclists because you make a round trip through two mountains and repeat ups and downs. You will be able to focus on pedaling because there is no traffic. Take a look at the marvelous view from the top of the mountains and recharge your energy. Stop by Kanagi Town in Goshogawara after crossing the second mountain. Fill your stomach with their local dishes and then pedal all the way to Goshogawara where the goal is located.

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Course Guide

  • | Distance | 68km
  • | Elevation | 568m
  • | Maximum difference in elevation | 274m
  • | Required Time | About 4~5hr.
  • | Course Type | Round
  • | Start | Goshogawara Station
  • | Goal | Goshogawara Station
  • | Grade | ★★★★
  • Repeat the ups and downs and take the "green shower" from the forest.

  • The monument is a sign that you are at the highest peak of Asunaro Line. Become healed by the view below.

  • A picture taken from the sky. The path weaves through the forest.

  • After crossing the first mountain, you encounter the view of large paddy fields.

  • The coffee shop, "Ekisha," former Ashino Park Station used for Tsugaru Railway, gives a nostalgic atmosphere.

  • "Uma-i Bowl" is one of the local dishes of Kanagi Town. Horse meat is used.


Tachineputa Hall

21-1, Omachi,Goshogawara, Aomori,Japan 037-0063



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