Breathtaking Scenery Ride

Seek for the view of Tsugaru Plain from Mt. Manogami


Mt. Manogami (549.2m), with a radio tower on the top of it, is one of the mountains on the east side of Goshogawara City. The mountain is commonly known as a training course for local cyclists. One of the great characteristics of the hill climb is that you can enjoy the view from the top after long pedaling and gain a sense of accomplishment. You can see not only Goshogawara City in front, but also Mt. Iwaki in the distance. At "Tsugaru Kanayamayaki" in the first half of the course, you can have coffee with their acclaimed pottery and observe the firing oven. After hill climbing, it is nice to have a rewarding lunch at a quiet, hidden cafe.

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Course Guide

  • | Distance | 30km
  • | Elevation | 477m
  • | Maximum difference in elevation | 468m
  • | Required Time | About 2hr.
  • | Course Type | Round
  • | Start | Goshogawara Station
  • | Goal | Goshogawara Station
  • | Grade | ★★★★
  • Hill climbing to the top of the mountain in front of you.

  • Kanayamayaki; fired unglazed earthenware, has a deep and unique texture.

  • Zodiac objects are decorated in front of the store; you can touch them.

  • A view from the top of mountain. You can glimpse Goshogawara city in the center of Tsugaru Plain.

  • The rice plants are bending in the wind and emitting a golden yellow light.

  • Café "Cachette" means "hidden place" in Japanese


Tachineputa Hall

21-1, Omachi,Goshogawara, Aomori,Japan 037-0063



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