Mutsu Bay Loop

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Adventure Ride to Experience Authentic Aomori

Mutsu Bay Loop

This 270 kilometer-long loop course travels along the coastline of Mutsu Bay, passing through Shimokita Peninsula, Natsudomari Peninsula, and Tsugaru Peninsula. The journey starts in downtown Aomori City, and passes through photogenic scenic spots and quaint fishing villages. We recommend taking several days to enjoy the variety in scenery, the natural ambience, and the local cuisine. Most of the cycling course is accessible by railway, allowing you to travel with your bike easily. It is also convenient for avoiding less-than-ideal weather, or for cyclists with less confidence in their physical abilities. Get ready for an epic cycling adventure to experience all the food, sights, culture, and activities that Aomori has to offer!

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Course Guide

  • | Distance | 270km
  • | Elevation | 2410m
  • | Maximum difference in elevation | 140m
  • | Required Time | ※depends on ride length
  • | Course Type | Round Trip
  • | Start | Aomori Station
  • | Goal | Aomori Station
  • | Grade | ★★★
  • Start your glorius cycling journey from downtown Aomori City!

  • Powerfully sweet sea scallops, the must-try delicacy of Mutsu Bay, are thick and meaty with a melt-in-your-mouth texture.

  • Nanbuya Kaisenkaku, Asamushi Onsen's iconic hot spring inn, offers services especially for cyclists.

  • Noheji Town, once a bustling port for kitamae-bune cargo ships and rich with cultural heritage, serves as the doorway to Shimokita Peninsula. 

  • Shimokita Peninsula explodes into color when Yokohoma Town's famous canola flowers bloom in mid-May.

  • Most of the cycling course is accessible by railway. You can ride the train with your bicycle, so long as it is stowed inside a bike bag.

  • You can take your bike straight onto the Mutsuwan Ferry that runs between Wakinosawa and Kanita.

  • You may even see playful wild dolphins swimming and jumping alongside the ferry from late April to late June.

  • Takanosaki Cape, an outstanding scenic spot in Tsugaru Peninsula, offers panoramic views of Shimokita Peninsula and even Hokkaido on clear days.

  • This former schoolhouse was converted into a nostalgic museum. Various local historical items, such as daily necessities and agricultural tools, are on display.

  • Here at Marche Yomogita, the omelet & rice made with Yomogita's famous tomatoes is very popular.

  • You can enjoy various marine activities including sea kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) in Mutsu Bay.

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WaRasse Nebuta Museum

1-1-1,Yasukata,Aomori-shi,Aomori,Japan 030-0803



Tourist Information Center Kita no Sakimori Ominato Andokan

3-1, Sakuragicho,Mutsu, Aomori,Japan 035-0094



Ōyama Furusato Museum

34-3,Ōdaisawabe,Kanita,Sotogahama-cho,Higashitsugaru-gun,Aomori,Japan 030-1307




16,Hamada,Gozawa 280,Yomogita, Higashitsugaru-Gun, Aomori 030-1203



Noheji Town Tourism Promotion Center

17-17,Nakakonakano,Noheji,Kamikita-gun,Aomori,Japan 039-3153



Noheji Iki’iki Jōyatō Market

567,Noheji,Noheji,Kamikita-gun,Aomori,Japan 039-3131



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