Smooth as Scallpos Ride

Fill your mouth with scallops and cycle alongside Mutsu Bay at Natsudomari Peninsula


Look at Ohshima, filled with big cumulonimbus clouds. Listen to the sound of ripples from the ocean and cicadas chirping. In the summer, it feels like "summer is staying" as its name suggests (Natsu means summer, Domari means stay). Natsudomari Peninsula is such a small penisula, it looks like it is popping its head into Mutsu Bay. Also, it is sandwiched between Tsugaru Peninsula and Shimokita Peninsula. Prefectual Route 9 (Natsudomari Park Line), commonly known as "Natsudomari Scallop Line," connects around the coast. This course is mixed with a winding mountain path and a seaside path where you can enjoy the ocean view. You will see the blue nets piled up when you pass by the fishing harbor. Those nets are used for scallop culture. Hiranai Town is very proud of their prominent scallop culture in Japan. It is also fun to eat scallops (which grow in the water with plenty of minerals) and then run through the rest of the path in one breath!

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Course Guide

  • | Distance | 36km
  • | Elevation | 345m
  • | Maximum difference in elevation | 68m
  • | Required Time | About 2.5hr.
  • | Course Type | One-way
  • | Start | Kominato Station
  • | Goal | Asamushi Onsen Station
  • | Grade | ★★
  • You will get an exhilarating feeling when you cycle with the ocean view on the side.

  • The piled scallop culture materials make the road like a maze.

  • At Ohshima, the utmost tip of Natsudomari Peninsula, you will see the whole view of Mutsu Bay.

  • A littele break with the sea breeze blowing from the ocean.

  • There is a scallop fishing pond at Scallop Square.

  • Take a short rest at Yogoshiyama Forest Park. They have a skiing slope and a caravan site.


Hotel Sunroute Aomori

1-9-8 Shin-machi, Aomori-shi, Aomori 030-0801



Komakino Fossil Preservation Center(Jomon era school・Komakino hall)

108-3, Nozawa Sawabe,Aomori, Aomori,Japan 030-0152



Road Station Onsen “YU~SA Asamushi”

341-19, Asamushi Hotarudani,Aomori, Japan 039-3501



Nanbuya Kaisenkaku

31, Asamushi Hotarudani Aomori, Aomori,Japan 039-3501



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