Clear View Blue Ride

Tsugaru Strait and Hydrangea's Blue Road ride


This route is approximately 60km, starting and finishing at Okutsugaru Imabetsu Station. On the first half, you are going to ride along the coastline accompanied by winds. After stopping at scenic spots such as Takanozaki and Tappizaki, we recommend you walk around and explore while taking a rest. You also want to taste the seafood that grows in the heavy sea of Tsugaru Channel. On the last half, ride on the mountain valley, "Ajisai Road." The road is used for local cycling events. Ajisai is "hydrangea" in Japanese. The colorful hydrangeas bloom every year. July and August are the best time to see them in bloom.

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Course Guide

  • | Distance | 63km
  • | Elevation | 638m
  • | Maximum difference in elevation | 131m
  • | Required Time | About 3~4hr.
  • | Course Type | Round
  • | Start | Okutsugaru Imabetsu Station
  • | Goal | Okutsugaru Imabetsu Station
  • | Grade | ★★★
  • "Seikan Tunnel Entrance Square" is the best spot to take pictures of Shinkansen (bullet train) that goes in and out of the tunnel.

  • It feels good to cycle in a nice sea breeze.

  • Parking your bike and seeing the view of the fishing villege are one of the special advantages of cycling.

  • Total extension of 388.2m with 362 steps, the only stairway National Road in Japan. You have to carry your bike when you go up.

  • Let's try firm-textured seafood that the fast tides of Tsugaru Channel produce.

  • "Ajisai Road" continues for approximately 14km between Tappizaki and Minmaya Station. July and August are the best months to visit.


Seikan Tunnel Entrance Park

Kurosaki,Hamana,Imabetsu, Higashitsugaru-Gun, Aomori,Japan 030-1501

TEL:+81-1-7435-2001(Imabetsu town hall)


Takanosaki Campsite(Parking Space)

1-70, Horozuki Murashimo,Imabetsu,Higashitsugaru-Gun, Aomori,Japan 030-1513

TEL:+81-1-7435-2001(Imabetsu-town hall)


Tappi-zaki Tourist Information Center Tappi-kan

59-12, Mimmayatatsuhama,Sotogahama,Higashitsugaru-Gun, Aomori,Japan 030-1711


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