-From Owani Onsen Station- Winter apple garden tour

-From Owani Onsen Station- Winter apple garden tour

A pure white world of silver! Active and healing cycling tour that is unique.

This is a snow cycling tour through the Iizume area within Goshogawara's city limits. The route is very flat and has little vehicle traffic, so it’s great for beginners. Simply riding a bicycle on snow is exciting enough, but the stunning winter scenery creates a unique and refreshing experience quite different from cycling in summer. Once you reach the tour's final location, we recommend returning to Goshogawara City on the Tsugaru Railway Stove Train, a famous winter attraction in Tsugaru. Enjoy this private tour with your family, friends, or a special someone.
※This tour includes all fat bike and snowshoe rental equipment. You need only prepare proper winter clothing and your minimum daily necessities to join.
※Snowshoeing is optional.

  • The wilderness of Oiso, which is covered in snow, extends to the distance. If you wish, you may run parallel with the local train.

  • On the small hill of Ishikawa Hachimangu Shrine, "Oniko" sits down.Demons in the Tsugaru district are favorably received as a guardian deity.

  • Take a walk through the midwinter apple fields while sweeping through new snow with snowshoes.Valuable activity experience unique to this tour.

  • Instant cafe opening in the apple field. The hot drinks in the wilderness of midwinter adds gratitude and happiness to our everyday life.

  • "Kimori", which leaves only a few fruits in apple trees, is a custom of apple farmers who wish for gratitude for good harvest next year.

  • Footbath in front of Owani Onsen Station is available free of charge. Good to warm up while talking about today's events.

A brief overview of the plan

  • | Grade | ★
  • | Required Time | About 5hr.
  • | Tour dates | December-March
  • | Capacity | 1 to 4 persons
  • | Price | ¥22,000〜

Details of the plan

The name of plan-From Owani Onsen Station- Winter apple garden tour
Plan dates December-March
The area of cycling Owani town
Charge3 to 4 persons¥22,000
2 persons¥33,000
1 person¥50,000
※ Price is per person (tax included)
※ Price includes bike and helmet rental
※ Admission fees, food, and train fares at sightseeing spots will be borne by the participants.
☆Option: Snowshoe experience costs an additional ¥7,500 (one customer)
※Snowshoeing is optional.
Required TimeTotal Duration: About 3 hours
Meet-up time: 10:00 am
※ If the tour is judged to be dangerous due to weather or road conditions, it may be shortened or cancelled.
Requried number of people Minimum number of people1 to 4 persons
Cycling Guide Provided
Cloak Not Available※Available when a support car is provided
The meeting placeWani come
11-11, Owani Kawabe,Owani, Minamitsugaru-Gun, Aomori,Japan 038-0211
Notes● About tour participation
・ Because it is the coldest time of Aomori, please dress accordingly.
· Cycling is limited to persons 150 cm or taller due to equipment
・ Please fill out the prescribed application form before the tour starts.
・TS insurance has been applied to the equipment used, and compensation insurance has been applied in the guided tour
※ But we can not compensate more than participation insurance, so it is recommended for persons to purchase additional insurance.
・If the tour is judged to be dangerous due to the weather or road conditions, the tour may be shortened or cancelled. CUSTOMER SAFETY IS PRIORITY.Thank you for your understanding.

● About cancellation fee
Cancel on the day of the tour: 100% of the total price.
1 day before: 50%,
2 days before: 40%,
3 days before: no need to contact,
No contact cancellation: 100%

About the plan providers

Please take contact with the provider from the list below for the inquiry.

BBB Outdoor Guides

ADDRESS9-21, Kuranushicho, Hirosaki, Aomori 036-8345
CLOSEDNo regular holiday: Tour application priority

I am the tour guide!

BBB Outdoor Guides Kazuo Hanada

Let's enjoy Tsugaru · Satoyama from the historical Owani Onsen!
Please warm up in the hot spring after snow riding and snow hiking!