A leisurely Tsugaru-paced local ride through Goshogawara

A leisurely Tsugaru-paced local ride through Goshogawara

A cycling tour taking you to both the famous and lesser-known spots of Goshogawara

This touring ride departs from Goshogawara's downtown area and runs along the Iwaki River towards Kanagi. Enjoy the views of the expansive Tsugaru plains stretching out from the foot of beautiful Mt. Iwaki, also called the ""Fuji of Tsugaru."" Discover Goshogawara's rich culture, history, and local food along this attraction-filled cycling route. Immerse yourself in the authentic local atmosphere with guidance from knowledgable local guides.

The course is mostly flat with few hills, and riders can choose to make their return trip on the Tsugaru Railway train instead of riding back. Even cycling beginners can feel at ease on this gentle and flexible tour.

  • Visit places you would normally pass by, and discover the local culture and way of life.

  • Take a short break in the Hinaya tearoom inside Kadarube, a traditional Japanese house full of history. Perk up with some traditional Japanese sweets.

  • With Shirakami Sanchi as its source, the beautiful Iwaki River flows gracefully accross the Tsugaru region. 

  • Ashino Park is famous for its cherry blossoms. The park is filled with tranquil scenery, and the Tsugaru Railway passes through the park grounds.

  • The Tsugaru Railway, popular among international and domestic visitors alike, allows you to board their trains with your bicycle without disassembly.

  • Looking out from the traincar windows, you can get great views of the rural and small-town landscapes of the Tsugaru Plains with Mt. Iwaki in the background.

  • The Ekisha Cafe is just next to Ashinokoen Station. Inside, you can indulge in specialty horse meat cuisine within the nostalgic atmosphere.

  • Tachineputa, the towering festival floats considered the symbol of Goshogawara, are housed in this 7-story building made specially to fit them. You can come see these summer festival icons all year round.

A brief overview of the plan

  • | Grade | ★
  • | Required Time | About 6 hrs
  • | Tour dates | April-November
  • | Capacity | 1 to 5 persons
  • | Price | ¥15,000〜

Details of the plan

The name of planA leisurely Tsugaru-paced local ride through Goshogawara
Plan dates April-November
The area of cycling Goshogawara City
Charge3 to 5 persons¥15,000
2 persons¥22,000
1 person:¥40,000
※ Price is per person (tax included)
※ Price includes bike and helmet rental
※ Admission fees, food, and train fares at sightseeing spots will be borne by the participants.
Required TimeAbout 6 hrs
Meet-up time: 10:00 am
Requried number of people Minimum number of people1 to 5 persons
Cycling Guide Provided
Support car Not provided※Additional cost ¥22,000~(please inquire)
Cloak Not Available※Available when a support car is provided
The meeting placeTsugaru Raiway Tsugaru-Goshogawara Station (JR Goshogawara Station)
Notes● Tour Participation
・ Riders must be at least 150 cm tall due to equipment limitations.
・ Please fill out the prescribed application form before the tour starts.
・ Equipment used is covered by TS insurance, and the guided tour is covered by compensation insurance.
※ As compensation is limited by the provided insurances, additional insurance coverage for participants is highly recommended.
・If the tour is judged to be dangerous due to weather or road conditions, it may be shortened or cancelled. Your saftey is our top priority. Thank you for your understanding.
● Cancellation Fees
Day-of cancellation: 100% of total price
1 day before: 50%
2 days before: 40%
3+ days before: no fee
No-show: 100%
OtherThings to bring / wear
Please wear clothing and shoes appropriate for excercise and easy to move around in. Please do not wear clothing that can get tangled in chains or wheels, such as skirts or wide-legged pants.

About the plan providers

Please take contact with the provider from the list below for the inquiry.

BBB Outdoor Guides

ADDRESS〒036-8345 9-21, Kuranushicho, Hirosaki, Aomori
CLOSEDNo regular holiday: Tour application priority

I am the tour guide!

BBB Outdoor Guides Kazuo Hanada

Be guided by me, a born and raised Tsugaru local!