Oirase gorge, snow ride of glimmering white snow

Oirase gorge, snow ride of glimmering white snow

On the natural art created by the extremely cold Oirase mountain stream.

Japan's leading scenic spot "Oirase gorge" is famous for attracting many tourists, with fresh and beautiful leaves from spring to autumn.
The snow ride provided by Raticul Cycle is a snow bike cycling through the extremely cold Oirase gorge.
It is completely different from the season in which plants grow rich and lush, and the sound of leaves blowing in the wind.
Go around the huge ice formations and pillars created by the winter oarase at a moderate speed and enjoy the extraordinary feeling, with the blue sky seen through the gap of trees.

  • Enjoying the winter scenery at Towadakoknenokuchi! It is approximately 13km to Oirase Stream Museum(Yakeyama) destination.

  • Waterfalls and rocky surfaces that were not visible in summer appear from among the fallen branches in winter. This is also a way to enjoy winter.

  • The comfortable stability and speed of the snow bike is perfect for enjoying the winter landscape of the Oirase gorge.

  • Along the way, several ice formations and pillars appear. The wind and force created by the extremely cold Oirase is a masterpiece.

  • Take a break from cycling and take a walk along the mountain stream with snowshoe. Enjoy animal footprints and bird watching.

  • Tea time along the mountain stream. Drink some warm apple tea on the spot.

A brief overview of the plan

  • | Grade | ★
  • | Required Time | About 3~4 hr.
  • | Tour dates | The end of Dec.~the end of Mar.(Depends on weather)
  • | Capacity | 1 to 4 persons
  • | Price | ¥10,800〜

Details of the plan

The name of planOirase gorge, snow ride of glimmering white snow
Plan dates The end of Dec.~the end of Mar.(Depends on weather)
The area of cycling Oirase gorge(Nenokuchi~Yakeyama) If you want to make Nenokuchi a start and ending, you can change to a course that turns back on the way, so please contact in advance.
Charge3 to 4 persons: ¥ 10,800
2 persons: ¥ 12,960
※ Price is per person (tax included)
※ The price includes bike and helmet rental
※ Lunch is not included
Required TimeAbout 3~4 hr.(9:00〜13:00)
Requried number of people Minimum number of people1 to 4 persons
Please contact us if only one person in group
Cycling Guide Provided
Support car Not provided※Available at additional cost (please inquire)
Cloak Not Available※Available when a support car is provided
The meeting placeLake Towada Nenokuchi
Notes● About tour participation
・ Because it is the coldest time of Aomori, please dress accordingly.
· Cycling is limited to persons 150 cm or taller due to equipment
・TS insurance has been applied to the equipment used, and compensation insurance has been applied in the guided tour
※ But we can not compensate more than participation insurance, so it is recommended for persons to purchase additional insurance
・If the tour is judged to be dangerous due to the weather or road conditions, the tour may be shortened or cancelled. CUSTOMER SAFETY IS PRIORITY.Thank you for your understanding

● About cancellation fee
Cancel on the day of the tour: 100% of the total price
1 day before: 50%,
2 days before: 40%,
3 days before: no need to contact,
No contact cancellation: 100%

About the plan providers

Please take contact with the provider from the list below for the inquiry.

Raticul Cycle

ADDRESS〒030-0134 51-8 Goshizawa Yamazaki Aomori
CLOSEDNo regular holiday: Tour application priority

I am the tour guide!

Raticul Cycle Motoki Eriyama

Cycling with the flow of water from Lake Towada.
The dynamic flow and splash of the Oirase mountain stream are packed with the distinctive winter features such as ice formations and mist.
Let's discover the art of nature created by the ever-changing flow of water.