Blue Pond and Forest Ride

Secluded region of Tsugaru; be fascinated by the mysterious Blue Pond


Start from WeSPa Tsubakiyama, go down National Route 101 to the south toward Lake Juniko Station. Uphill continues for a while, but there are many rest spots to use for recovery. Then you arrive at "Souvenir Shop Kyororo." Park your bike and walk for about 10 minutes, then you will finally see Blue Pond. As its name suggests, its mysterious water looks like blue ink was poured into it. The water is very clear, and the deep blue color is inspiring. You can even see the beech trees which sank to the bottom. Even though Blue Lake is at the farthest back among the Juni lakes, it is worth visiting to take a look at the mysterious sight.

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Course Guide

  • | Distance | 30km
  • | Elevation | 456m
  • | Maximum difference in elevation | 237m
  • | Required Time | About 2~3hr.
  • | Course Type | Round
  • | Start | WeSPa Tsubakiyama
  • | Goal | WeSPa Tsubakiyama
  • | Grade | ★★★★
  • You will want to enjoy both riding bikes and seeing the views that nature displays.

  • Even little tunnels become picturesque spots. They make you feel adventurous.

  • You can also see the attractiveness of a normal seaside view.

  • From the parking lot along National Route 101, you can see the Japan Canyon when the sun shines.

  • The reason why it looks blue is still unknown… It is a mystery!

  • "Japan Canyon"; the white tuff is exposed because of erosion.


Fukaura Tourist Information Lake Juniko(Juniko Station)

33-1,Shimo-hamamatsu,Matsugami,Fukaura, Nishitsugaru-Gun, Aomori 038-2206


Souvenir Shop KYORORO

1-56, Matsukamiyama,Matsukami,,Fukaura, Nishitsugaru-Gun, Aomori,Japan 038-2753



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